Fishing God is an arcade style fish shooting game which comes from the Spade Gaming company. It is still basically a slot game underneath the visuals and it is not a game of skill as such.

When players load the game, they are virtually taken to the ocean surface where the Dragon King reigns supreme. Inside the Dragon King Mansion, several highly valued treasures are kept for players to win.

Players, therefore, will look at ways of getting their hands on these precious treasures but that won’t be an easy ride as the Dragon King’s mansion is guarded by fierce looking sharks

Armed with shooting tools as well as schools of crabs and jellyfish, players strive to take down as many fish as possible for the chance to enter into the Dragon King’s mansion. Taking down the fish guarding the mansion is not only beneficial when it comes to gaining a safe passage to the mansion but with each kill, a reward comes the player’s way.

Fishing God by Spadegaming was released on 10th May, 2020, it does not have reel format, it has a 97% RTP and a unknown variance level.


An underwater landscape full of colorful fish, sea creatures and ocean vegetation provides the background graphics to this slot machine. The screen is very busy so you may just get a bit dizzy 🙂


Symbols that are encountered as players play Fishing God game include different fish icons, the fortune bag, the dragon king, crabs as well as jellyfish.


*Players ought to know that when playing this game, payouts are paid each time the player kills anyone of the fish or dragon king guarding the mansion. Payouts for each kill (fish and dragon king) are as follows:



5 4 3 2 1
Dragon King 60-888x
Large gold fish 60-200x
Large blue fish and medium gold fish – Of a Kind 50-100x
Small gold fish 40-90x
Medium Gold jelly fish 40-80x
Small Gold jelly fish and medium blue fish – Of a Kind 30-70x
Pink and red fish 50x
Yellow and blue fish 40x
Red and orange fish 30x
Blue and white fish 25x
Brown fish 20x
A turtle 18x
Orange and blue crab 15x
Purple aquatic creature 12x
Orange crab 10x
Blue and white small fish 9x
Red crab 8x
Brown jellyfish 7x
Red and white jellyfish 6x
Yellow and blue orange fish 4x
Orange and red fish 3x
Orange and blue flying fish 2x


  • Wild: There is no wild symbol.
  • Scatter: There is no scatter symbol.
  • Game Modes: Fishing God comes with three game modes. The first one is the junior mode, the second one is the Expert mode and the third one is the Godlike mode. The game modes are differentiated by the skill set required from the player to succeed as well as wagers. Junior mode can be wagered with as low as just 0.01 to 1.00 coins while the Godlike mode can only be wagered by 1.00 to 10.00 coins.
  • Short Power Boost: Shooting down any of the crab icons will help the player to earn the Short Power Boost. The Short Power Boost helps players take down large numbers of fish at the same time.
  • Treasure Bonus: From time to time, the treasure chest may appear on the screen. Shooting down the treasure chest will help the player scoop an instant award.


Fishing God is a multiplayer game allowing up to four players to play the game at once. This is great as it adds to the competitive nature of the game thereby making it a great proposition to try out. Out of a 10 point rating, the game receives an 7.3 point rating for our game review team members.

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