FaFaFa is a simple 3 x 1 reel slot with just one pay line and no bonus features. Developed by Spadegaming, the game was released on 30th April 2017 and it led to a sequel of FaFaFa 2.

As a one-payline slot, the RTP and variance are not known. However, we can speculate that the variance is low because the game only has three symbols.


There are only three reels on the Chinese-oriented slot machine. Here, there are three symbols that spin, all of which are the same Chinese characters or letters, albeit different in color.

These symbols are:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

The slot game may have one pay line, but the way the reels were designed allows half-symbols to show on the upper and lower part of the reels. To win, you must land the symbols on the exact middle area of the reels.


As a three-reel slot, the only way to win is to match three symbols on the pay line. The payout table is shown below.

Red 100 200 400
Blue 50 100 150
Green 25 50 75
Any 5 10 15

The minimum bet for each round is 0.20 coins. That bet represents one bet in the paytable. If you click on the LEVEL button, the slot would increase your bet size by one grade or one step.

The bet levels are:

  • 1 Bet = 0.20 coins
  • 2 Bets = 0.40 coins
  • 3 Bets = 0.60 coins

Your prize would depend on your bet level. If you wagered 0.20, then the prize that would apply is under the column that says 1 Bet.

As an example, let us say that you wagered 0.20 and you landed three green symbols on the line. Since the prize for that at 1 Bet is 25 coins, your prize is going to be 25 x 0.20 = 5 coins.

Here is another example:

  • Bet – 0.40
  • Landed – two blue symbols and one green

In this case, the prize you get is under 2 Bets, and the combo you got is “Any”. The prize is 10x your coin, which is 10 x 0.20 = 2 coins.

If you wagered at 3 Bets, and you landed any three, your prize is 15 x 0.20 = 3 coins.

The thing with this slot is that it does not multiply the coin prize against your total bet. Whether you wager 0.20, 0.40, or 0.60, the slot will multiply the prizes on the table by 0.20.

The only reason it makes sense to bet higher values is that the multiplier prizes in the table also get higher.

Take a look at this example and how the size of your bet would affect your prizes. In this example, we will use the red symbol.

Bet Amount Prize Computation Actual Prize
0.2 100 100 x 0.20 2
0.4 200 200 x 0.20 4
0.6 400 400 x 0.20 8

As you can see, the higher you bet, the higher the multiplier is. However, the multiplier is always applied to 0.20, not your total bet.


The game has no feature and bonuses.


For this 3-reel simple slot machine, we would give it 6 out of 10 points in our review. The variance is around medium to low, and there are only three types of symbols spinning on the reels. The game is best played by beginners who are new to slots, but not for regular punters who love the thrill of bonuses which this game has none of to mention.

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