Fafafa 2 is a 3 x 1 reel slot released on 16th January 2018 that comes from the library of Spadegaming. It only has one pay line, but it has three bet levels. With an RTP of 97.12%, the slot game has a medium variance and 6 different symbols. It also has a wild that rewards multipliers of mention.


An oriental-themed slot, Fafafa 2 is a sequel to the original of the same title, but this one was designed to show the actual cylinder of the slot machine. It is like as if you are spinning the drum without the casing.

Here are the six different symbols of the game:

• Lucky 8
• Lucky Oranges
• 3-piece Mahjong Tiles
• 2-piece Mahjong Tiles
• 1-piece Mahjong Tiles
• Wild

The wild in the game is a golden nugget.


The game has three levels, which means you can bet three coins per round. Below is the paytable at the highest bet of 0.60 per spin.

• Lucky 8 – 45 coins
• Lucky Oranges –30 coins
• 3-piece Mahjong Tiles – 15 coins
• 2-piece Mahjong Tiles – 9 coins
• 1-piece Mahjong Tiles – 6 coins
• Any Mahjong tile combo – 3 coins

To win, you have to match three symbols on the pay line. The minimum wager is 0.20 per spin. This is also the Level 1 bet.

If you landed three different mahjong tiles with a win amount of 1 coin, your prize is 0.20. If you wagered 0.60, which is Bet Level 3, your prize is going to be 0.60.

If you think about it, the bet levels do not multiply your win amount. Instead, the prizes just rise up to be in proportion with your bet.

The maximum you can wager per round is 150 coins. If you select Bet Level 2, your total bet would be 300 coins, or 450 if you select Bet Level 3.


The game only has one feature, which is the wild. The wild symbol is the Golden Nugget, which functions as a substitute for any symbol.

Any wild that appears carries a 2x or 3x multiplier value, which will be applied to the win amount.

Below is a sample scenario where the wild appeared with a 3x multiplier:

• Bet Level: 1
• Bet Cost: 0.20

In this example, we landed two 1-piece mahjong tiles on the first and second reels, and then a wild with a multiplier value of 3x on the third reel.

The winning combo here is a combo of three 1-piece mahjong tiles, which has a prize of 2 coins at bet level 1.

Here is the calculation: prize of 2 coins x bet of 0.20 = 0.40. Now, we multiply this by three because the wild has a 3x value on it, and our total prize is 1.20 with an investment of 0.20.

The key to winning in this game is the wild. The number of coins or the bet level you choose has no impact on your winnings, except that the prizes are in proportion to your bets.


We will rate this slot game with 6.1 points out of 10 in our review. It is a simple 3-reel slot that has a wild and that’s about it. Pretty much, the one thing you have to look forward to when playing it is the wild symbol, as this is the only thing that can yield great value for your wagers.

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