Wishing You Fortune


The title of the WMS powered slot Wishing You Fortune is all about that is, wishing players the very best when it comes to leading a happy and prosperous life. This game however does take a step further as it just doesn’t ‘wish’ but also ‘enables’ players to lead a happy and prosperous life, well if luck goes their way a little that is.

Wishing You Fortune by WMS – Williams / SG was released on 15th May, 2015, it has a 5 x 4 reels format, 1024 betways, 5 x jackpots, a 96% RTP and a unknown variance level.


Things are on the simple side when it comes to the graphics of this slot game as the background graphics are depicted by some floating lantern icons on a blue wall. The entire reel grid area is covered by a dark red colour.


The reel symbols which players get to come across as soon as the five reels of this slot start spinning include a lion, a beautiful lady, the game logo icon, a bird, a toad, a red and white flower, a money tree, red envelopes, and some royal symbols.




5 4 3 2
A bird 5.00 0.50 0.25
A toad 2.50 0.40 0.20
A red and white flower 2.50 0.40 0.15
A money tree and red envelopes – Of a Kind 1.20 0.25 0.10
Royal Symbols A and K – Of a Kind 0.80 0.20 0.10
Royal Symbols Q, J, 10 and 9 – Of a Kind 0.40 0.10 0.05


  • Wild: This slot comes with two standard wild icons. The first standard wild icon is represented by the icon inscribed WILD (also known as the Fortune Wild). The game’s second standard wild symbol is represented by the lion. This icon possesses substituting powers and can substitute for all symbols with the exception of the scatter and the bonus symbol. The wild icon may come on different portraits and when it does, it will be called by a different name. the names are as follows:
  • Lion wild on a gold portrait: Y-Wild
  • Lion wild on a blue portrait: B-Wild
  • Lion wild on a green portrait: G-Wild
  • Lion wild on a purple portrait: P-Wild
  • Lion wild on a red portrait: R-Wild
  • Scatter: Wishing You Fortune’s scatter symbol comes in the form of the beautiful lady icon.
  • Bonus Symbol: The game logo icon does act as the bonus symbol. This icon only appears on the middle reel and can substitute for all symbols with the exception of the scatter. The icon depicting four infants also act as a bonus symbol (this icon is also known as the Fortune Wheel).
  • Free Spin Bonus: Three or more of the scatter icons landing on the reels at once help the player trigger the Free Spin Bonus. When triggered, the player is asked to pick and play anyone of the free spin options which are as follows:
  • Option 1: 10 free spins with one or more R-Wild involved in a win line applying a 10x, 15x or 30x win multiplier
  • Option 2: 13 free spins with one or more P-Wild involved in a win line applying an 8x, 10x or 15x win multiplier
  • Option 3: 15 free spins with one or more G-Wild involved in a win line applying a 5x, 8x or 10x win multiplier
  • Option 4: 20 free spins with one or more B-Wild involved in a win line applying a 3x, 5x or 8x win multiplier
  • Option 5: 25 free spins with one or more Y-Wild involved in a win line applying a 2x, 3x or 5x win multiplier

The player is guaranteed to win at least 10x the total bet at the end of this bonus. If this doesn’t happen, the amount won is automatically increased up to 10x the total bet.

  • Fortune Reel Feature: There is an additional reel above the standard reel set. This additional reel is known as the Fortune Reel Trigger. When the game logo bonus symbol lands on the position directly above reel 3 on the Fortune Reel Trigger, the Fortune Reel Feature is activated. Once activated, the fortune reel spins and afterwards lands on either Fortune Wild or Festival Wheel. If the spin stops on Fortune Wild, up to 5 fortune wilds are randomly added on to reels 2 to 5 and the feature ends. If the spin stops on Festival Wheel, the Wheel Bonus activates. The probability of the spin stopping on the Wheel Bonus increases if the player opts to bet with a higher wager. During this feature, if the Fortune Wild lands on the same position as that occupied by any of the bonus symbols, the Fortune Wild is transformed into a Wonus symbol. The Wonus symbol is wild for all symbols with the exception of the Fortune Reel Trigger.
  • Wheel Bonus: This feature is activated via the Fortune Reel Feature. Once triggered, the player spins the wheel and wins the prize pointed at by the pointer after the wheel spin. Possible prizes during the wheel spin include the Festival Wheel, Mini, Minor, Major, Grand and Mega jackpots.


Well, as soon as players start spinning the five reels of this slot game that come with an amazing 1024 ways to win, they give themselves the opportunity to land some good base game payouts and above average possible bonus pays to boot.

Always remember, the game comes with 1024 ways to win so the probability of landing identical symbols on the same paylines is very high! In addition to the exciting and enterprising base game, the oriental themed Wishing You Fortune also does come with several bonus features which are also enterprising hence they aid and enhance the lucrative aspect of the game.

Wishing You Fortune is a game that does exactly what its title suggests that is, it wishes players good fortune. The game however takes things a bit further as it also enables players to reap some good fortune during their gaming session, well it did for us in our real money testing.

A case in point is through the Free Spins Bonus where every player is guaranteed to win at least 10x the total bet – in case this fails, the amount won is automatically increased! With this in mind, Wishing You Fortune by WMS receives a cool 8.7 point rating out of 10 points in our Asian slot game reviews.


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