With 10 paylines and 5 x 3 format reels plus a medium variance, this is a game worth playing that’s for sure and one of my personal favourites in Asian slot games. We don’t know of any RTP stats for this game unfortunatelty.

You can win either the minor or major jackpots at any time as they get triggered randomly while playing.

Dragon Orb online slot by RTG is a dragon-themed game as the name suggests. When talking about dragons RTG are certainly one developer who love to develop a game in these genres.


Dragon Orb comprises a great slot layout with some of the most interesting yet intriguing characters. The background music takes over and gives a wonderful look and feel.


The characters of the game is based on Dragons, and all the characters of a game compliment the same all around.


  • The Lion Imaged Symbol: This is the highest payout symbol of the lot and has impressive payouts. The symbol for an instance gives away 250 coins as a payout for appearing 5 times across the reels. For the symbol, appearing 4 and 3 times, the payouts are 200 and 50 coins respectively.
  • Lotus: This is the 2nd highest symbol of the game, which stands out in giving away a great payout, as much as 120 coins for appearing 5 times across the reels. For the symbol appearing 4 times, the payout is 60 coins and finally for the symbol appearing 3 times, the payout is 25 coins.
  • Temple: This is the 3rd highest payout symbol of the game and gives 50 coins when it fills the entire slots. For appearing 4 and 3 times across the reels, the symbol gives away 20 and 8 coins respectively.
  • Candles: The Candles gives away 40, 15, and 7 coins for appearing 5, 4, and 3 times.
    Low Payout Symbols: These symbols pay off coins when it appears one of a kind and gives out 25, 10, and 5 coins for appearing 5, 4, and 3 times respectively.


  • Wild: The Wild symbol of this game is a Dragon Orb symbol. This is the first and the most important symbol, which has a multipurpose usage for each of its appearances across the reels. The symbol initially works as a trump symbol and substitute all the other low payout symbols of the game. The Wild pays off from both left to right and vice versa directions. It appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 only, and the symbol will expand to all other positions of the reels before the payouts are given out.
  • Wild Re-spin Feature: The Wild Re-spin feature is activated when one or more expanded Wild symbol appears across the reels. All the reels, which contain expanded Dragon Orb symbols are held whereas the other reels spin once the pays are awarded. In case after a re-spin, one more such combination is expanded, while the expanded Dragon Orbs are expanded once other re-spin occurs.
  • Progressive Jackpots: The 2 Progressive Jackpots are present and contributes at no more tha 1.5% of the total RTP in the pools. The valuations and winnings are added to the pool as you play along with any others if you are wagering for real money.


Dragon Orb by RTG is a captivating game from the developers, who are known for creating unique games for a long time. For an instance, it has a simple jackpot interface and pays really well if you get some luck on your side, we rate this game a 6.5 from 10 points. RTG are not known for great games but this one is above average for them overall.

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