Red Tiger has developed this game called Golden Lotus. The is another China-themed casino game and it has 20 pay lines. It has a RTP of 96.10 % and a 5 x 3 reel format with medium variance.

This is yet another Lotus themed slot game so it has plenty of colours and imagery that will brighten up the reels and hopefully your day when you take it for a free spin on our site.


A Chinese garden is one of the significant parts of China, and it is associated with flowers and Pergola, which is the sunset that one gets to see in China.

This game is a mixture of all of them. One can find a lot of prizes, which they can win in this game because of the number of higher pay lines in the game. The trees that are hanging give beautiful scenery in the game.


There are many symbols in the game among which Geisha girls is the most famous one.

Apart from the reel symbols, one can also find bonus symbols, which include Wild lotus scatter, White Lotus and all others.

There are some nice pays in the game that can be won from the winning combinations on the reels.


With so many symbols, you will have all the liberty to choose your lucky one and earn rewards. Low paying symbols will occur frequently and you can accumulate points. High paying symbols will occur occasionally but will make you big in a single attempt.

  • Golden Lotus: This wild symbol can pour coins as high as 8888, 888, 88, and 8.
  • Chinese Character: Similar to wild symbol, these characters gives 8888 as the highest and comes down to 750, 75, and 5 credits.
  • Geisha Girls: You can feel surprised to earn 1250, 500, 50, and 3 with these Geisha girls.
  • Jade Dragon/Lantern/Vase: All these symbols equally pays you with 800, 200, and 20 points when the paylines 5, 4, or 3 lands on these symbols.
  • White Lotus: The Scatter symbol gives 500, 30, 3, or 1 credit and it is a multiplier in this game.
  • Card Symbols: As usual, the card symbols A and K gives high points in the order 300, 100, and 10. Q and J bestows 200, 30, and 5. Cards valued 10 and 9 offers 100, 25, and 5 points.


  • Wild: The wild card in this game is a Golden Lotus, and this card can be used as a replacement for all symbols in the game. The pay lines are winning, and it can give better prizes at all times.
  • Scatter: The multiplier is 500x in this game, and the scatter symbol is a White Lotus.
  • Chinese Garden Feature: The bonus feature is available in the game if one wins three or more of the wild or scatter symbol in the game. One can get free games to play in multiples of 5. The Wild lotus in the game can be changed to Gold Lotus if it is needed. The free spins help to multiply the game by three times.
  • White Lotus Feature: If the white lotus appears three times or sometimes, then 8 free games can be awarded to the player. The free games depending on multiple numbers of times, the free spins have to appear.


The bonuses follow the making of the slot, which is golden. The flowers are fortunate, the garden is lucky, and anything that is based on the theme of China is lucky.

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