The fabulous Lady of the Moon slot machine consists of 5 reels, 13 lines of play. It’s from PRAGMATIC PLAY and a must play Asian themed game. It has a low volatility rating and a RTP of 96.52%.

If you get a kick out of Asian pokies then the chance to play an amazing slot game for PC or mobile will provide a delightful Chinese enchanting tale is right here.


This game recounts the tale of Tschang O, who was the lovely daughter of the king of China. Once she fed herself with the herbal extract of perpetuity she winged her way towards the azure where she turned into the daughter of the king of moon, hence the name for this game. Total ideograms in the design are roused by parts of the folklore from China which is the foundation of this games theme overall.


The pays consist of two distinct packs of 4 reel signs each. The original four symbols illustrate item, for example, a mortar, a hatchet, a bob and a sword. The signs aren’t valued for much money, although you may watch them show up as often as possible on to reels to build your opportunities of scoring various rewards with them.

The figure of the Marvel fulfils the second icon’s group. Score the soldier and the rabbit, the bowman and the supreme lady herself will ensure that your credits will mount up nicely.


  • Queen: The queen blesses players in a multiple of 100 starting from 650, 65, and 6.5 credits.
  • Archer: You can earn 5000, 1000, 250, and 25 points on the paylines 5, 4, 3 and 2.
  • Warrior: Like the archer, the warrior offers 2500, 750, 150, and 20.
  • Rabbit: 1500 coins for 5 spin, 500, 125, and 10 credits respectively.
  • Sword: When queen, archer, and warrior awards pints, then the sword does so with 1000, 300, and 100 points in line.
  • Bow: The next weapon bow pays you with 750, 250, and 75 points when you spin on reels 5, 4, and 3.
  • Axe: You get 500, 200, and 50 with Axe symbol and 400, 150, and 40 with the Mortar symbols.


  • Wild: The sign of the orb of night is a trump card. It can supplant one of the ultimate symbols we discussed in the earlier segment. One of them on to reels can enable you to achieve more rewards than one can imagine.
  • Scatter: The crying willow is a Scatter, which honours Free Spins rather than money. Obtain 3 of these scatters on reels one, three and five to activate 13 free games immediately.
  • Bonus Symbol: The Gold coloured leaves portray the bonus symbol. As soon as 3 of the queue on a line of pay, you get an opportunity to get up to 3 and thus 300 reward points to include in your credits. Playing this online pokie, land these symbols on to reels 2, 3, and 4 on any line of pay and get into the reward game. Choose whichever you like, the picture of Celestial sovereign or the portrait of her planet earth avatar and wins money rewards.
  • Free Spin Features: The arms of the tree named cassia will get you prosperity. You need to pull minimum 3 Scatters the tree named cassia to get the thrilling free spin games! In the extra round partnered in this slot you will be able to earn 13 spins at no additional cost. The free spins will be regenerated as soon as you get 3, 4 or 5 symbols in the game.


The 5 of a kind Queen for example, may be difficult to earn. However, it pays really well when you land these in this cool slot game by PRAGMATIC PLAY.

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