This Pragmatic Play slot is based on the Chinese dragon mythology. Everything in the 888 Dragons slot is pretty basic from the graphics, gameplay and even the background sounds. Though basic, dragons represent imperial power and good fortune in Asia.

You can expect good fortune when spinning the reels with all the dragon symbols curled in a manner which resembles the number 8, a number which represents luck in Chinese culture. This is a retro slot that comes with 3 reels and a single payline. The Return to Player ratio stands at 96.84% with medium volatility.


This slot is set against the backdrop of a solid purple colour which has a darker shade at the bottom where the control panel is located. There is some Chinese writing at the top.


The reel section is divided into two parts, the first part highlights all the dragon symbols you need to land on the reels if you are to win; there are four sets of three dragons differentiated by colour. There is also a part which outlines how much you can win if you match 3 dragons of the same colour on the reels.

The second part of the reels is where all the action takes place; the symbols on the reels are dragons which are differentiated by colour. The dragons come in these colours, red, green and blue.


  • Red dragon: This symbol is the highest paying symbol of the game which fetches 5.00 credits. A 100x multiplier is applied if you match 3 red dragons on the reels.
  • Green dragon: This symbol is the second highest paying symbol of the game and it fetches 2.50 credits. A 50x multiplier is applied if you manage to land 3 green dragons in a row.
  • Blue Dragon: This is the third highest paying symbol which fetches 1.25 credits and a 25x multiplier if you manage to match 3 or more blue dragons on the reels.
  • Any other colour dragon: Besides the colour red, blue and green, there are other dragons which may land on the reels of different random colours. If you manage to land 3 of the same kind, you earn 0.25 credits and a 5x multiplier is applied to your win.


  • Wild: This slot does not have a wild symbol.
  • Scatter: This slot does not have a scatter symbol.
  • Special symbol: This slot has a golden dragon special symbol which fetches the highest prize of the game when you land 3 in a row.


This is a retro slot which brings back the memories of the old good days and also comes with excellent rewards especially the huge multipliers. This slot gets a rating of 6.5 out of 10 points.

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