Jackpot Fortunes


 In different communities, wealth is symbolized by different things. In the East, flashy things such as cars, mansions, jewellery and the like do symbolize wealth. In Africa, possession of large herds of cattle, goats amongst other domestic animals do symbolize wealth. In the East, artifacts however do symbolize wealth. To help players better understand all of the artifacts which symbolize wealth in the East, PariPlay decided to design an oriental slot by the name Jackpot Fortunes.

As players start spinning the five reels of this slot game, they come across a huge pot of gold. With each spin, the pot of gold will spill out different artifacts and all of the spilled artifacts do symbolize wealth. To get the action going in this slot machine, players simply need to set in motion the game’s five reels that come with a massive 243 ways to win.


The backdrop of this slot machine depicts a simple red patterned wall acting as the background graphics. A dark red colour covers the entirety of the reel section.


The symbols which players will encounter during their gaming session playing Jackpot Fortunes slot game include the golden shield, a golden turtle, a golden toad, a silver toad, a silver turtle, gold koi fish, golden ingot, silver koi fish, silver ingots, golden coins and some royal symbols.




5 4 3 2
Golden toad 680 128 68
Golden turtle 380 88 38
Golden koi fish 280 68 28
Golden ingots 180 38 18
Golden coins 128 28 8
Silver toad and silver turtle – Of a Kind 30 10 5
Silver koi fish and silver ingots – Of a Kind 20 10 5
Royal Symbols A, K, 10, Q, J and 9 – Of a Kind 15 8 5


  • Wild: The Cai Shen acts as the game’s substituting symbol.
  • Scatter: The dark red shield icon acts as the game’s scatter symbol.
  • Jackpot Bonus Feature: The Jackpot Bonus Feature activates when regular wild symbols land on reels 2, 3 and 4 at once. When activated, 12 golden coins are presented on the screen. The player is tasked with picking the coins at random until three of them reveal the same matching jackpot symbols – the player wins the corresponding jackpot.
  • Wild Multiplier Feature: A glowing golden shield does act as the enhanced wild symbol. This icon can substitute for all symbols with the exception of the scatter as well as the regular wild symbol. The enhanced wild comes with a multiplier which increases based on the bet amount.
  • Free Spins Feature: Three or more of the scatter icons landing on the reels at once help the player activate the Free Spins Feature. When activated, 8 free spins are awarded to the player.


As players start spinning the reels of Jackpot Fortunes slot game, they get to encounter a pot of gold. This pot of gold on each spin will spill out all sorts of artifacts. All of these artifacts are held in high esteem in the Eastern world as they symbolize wealth and fortune. Jackpot Fortunes slot game receives an 8 point rating out of 10 points.

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