Released on 21st August 2019 by KA Gaming, Wu Gang is a 5-reel slot with a twist in that the reel format is 2-3-3-3-2. There are 108 paylines in the slot game, plus you can enjoy the benefits of wilds and scatter symbols. The RTP and variance are not listed officially, but it seems like the variance is about medium from our testing.

Wu Gang was a character in Chinese folklore. In the story, he endlessly cuts down a tree on the moon called osmanthus. It is a self-healing tree, and he is cutting this without end as a punishment. In modern times, Wu Gang refers to anything you do without end—anything tiring that seems to be a punishment.


The reels do not have three rows each. The first and last reels have two rows, and the middle reels have three. The game’s is cartoonish, and you will be spinning symbols related to the ancient story.

The main symbols are:

  • Wu Gang
  • Tree
  • Moon
  • Lady
  • Rabbit

There are three low-value symbols in the game from J to K, and they pay between $15 and $125 at the highest bet. Because there are only ten symbols in the game, it is likely that the variance is low to medium.


There are only four high-value symbols on the slot game, and here are their pays:

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line SYMBOLS
Wu Gang Tree Moon Lady Rabbit
5 2,500 1,250 750 500 250
4 625 500 400 250 125
3 250 125 100 75 50

The slot game pays in currency, not multipliers. Your bet will change the payout values on the table, so visit the table every time you change your bet.

The betting window is between $0.35 and $175. At the lowest bet, your biggest possible win is $5. Curiously enough, the slot machine does not show the positions of the paylines.

To win, you have to land three same symbols on any of the 108 paylines. Like most slot machines, the winning structure here is a combo that starts on the first reel. All symbols must be on separate reels, but these reels must be adjacent.


The two special symbols of the game are scatter and wild symbol.

  • Wild – a battle axe that substitutes for missing symbols to make a winning combo. It only appears on the first and last reels. The wild cannot substitute for the scatter symbol. The wild does not pay out money.
  • Scatter – the scatter symbol is the bird, and it awards free games. You will win 15 free games for as long as you land at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the grid. It also pays cash prizes, as shown below:
  • 5x – $1,750
  • 4x – $875
  • 3x – $525

NB: During the free spins bonus, the online slot will drop random multipliers between 1x and 5x. These multipliers will show up during a winning spin. You cannot re-trigger the free spins while in the bonus round.


We will rate this game with 5.2 points out of 10. Slot machines like this usually have a medium’ ish variance, but your success relies heavily on the first reel. With only two rows in the first reel there is no other way you can make a combo in the same way if there were a third row in the first reel.

In this game, you may have four same symbols from reels 2 to 5, but if the first reel does not have it, you do not win a prize. Also, the wild appears only on the first and last reels, so your chances of getting substituted wins from it are low overall so keep that in mind. We had a really poor test session so we do not suggest you play this game.

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