The Grandmaster is a 5 x 3 reel format slot machine with 50 ways to win. It was released by KA Gaming on the 7th January 2020, the RTP and variance are unknown by us.

The game is based on the movie Ip Man starring Donnie Yen. The movie itself was based on the life of Ip Man, a martial arts grandmaster of Wing Chun, who is also the teacher of Bruce Lee.

The film is focused in the life of the Grandmaster during the Sino-Japanese War. The movie was released in 2008 and had two sequels with average popularity.


The symbols you would spin in the game are reminiscent of the characters in the movie, not the real life Ip Man.

Here are the high-value symbols:

  • Donnie Chen
  • Unknown Fighter
  • Mike Tyson
  • Chinese placard
  • Wooden Dummy
  • Fighter silhouette

There are six low-value symbols in the game from 9 to A and they pay between $25 and $500 at the highest bet. There are also some special symbols like the wild and the scatter, which we will discuss further later on.


Here is the paytable for the slot game. The payout is expressed in currency, and the paytable is going to change as you increase and decrease your bet. The table below is for the highest bet of $250.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line SYMBOLS
Donnie Chen Unknown Fighter Mike Tyson Chinese placard Wooden Dummy Fighter silhouette
5 10,000 2,500 1,500 750 600 600
4 1,000 500 300 150 125 125
3 250 150 100 75 60 60

The betting window is between $0.50 and $250. All the lines are fixed so you cannot choose how many lines are active in the game.

To win, you have to land a combo of three same symbols. Each symbol must be on a different reel, and the reels must be adjacent. Also, the winning combo must start from reel 1. Any combination of symbols formed that does not meet this requirement will not be paid a prize.


The slot game has several features like wild and scatter.

  • Wild – the wild in the game is Donnie Chen, and the payout for this symbol is in the paytable we showed earlier. The wild substitutes for a missing symbol to help you make a winning line. It cannot substitute for the scatter. If a wild is used as a substitute, then the winning line will be rewarded with a multiplier between 1x and 5x.
  • Smash Feature – during the free spins bonus, all placard symbols are smashed and replaced with a wild. This happens only after each spin. With more wilds comes more chances of forming winning combos.
  • Scatter – the scatter symbol is the game title. Landing three of it triggers the free spins bonus. Here are the free spins bonus of the scatter, including the cash prizes:
  • 5x – 10 free spins plus$5,000
  • 4x – 15 free spins plus $1,250
  • 3x – 25 free spins plus $500
  • During the free spins bonus round, you may land three scatter symbols again. If this happens, you will be rewarded with the cash prize, but not the free spins.


The Grandmaster KA Gaming slot is average and we will rate this with just 6.2 out of 10. The wild has multipliers, has a payout, and the game also offers scatters that award free spins and money. On top of that, players have an added bonus with the Smash feature where all placard symbols will convert into wilds.

The key to winning big in the game is the scatter, as this has the most rewards. Bet small and wait for the scatter to activate the bonuses so you can recoup your losses from previous spins.

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