Flowers and Fruit Mountain is a highly innovative slot machine by KA Gaming released on the 25th December 2017. The game has 9 reels and 5 rows, with an RTP of 96.01%. The variance of the game is low and it does not use regular paylines.

Flowers and mountains is based on the serenity of the alps. There are monks in China who stay in the mountain all their lives. These are mountains where they see nothing but flowers. They dedicate their lives to living in isolation from the rest of the world to be in peace with god.


There are several symbols that are found on the board. Unlike other slots, this one has no low-value symbols.

The symbols are:

  • Stone tablet
  • Boy with blonde hair
  • Monkey-god
  • Horn
  • Bananas
  • Watermelon
  • Flower
  • Banner

All these symbols are bettable, which means you can put a wager on them. Each symbol has a counterpart that has a multiplier. You cannot put a bet on this counterpart.


Here are the base game pays.

  • Stone tablet – $100
  • Boy with blonde hair – $40
  • Monkey-god – $30
  • Horn – $20
  • Bananas – $20
  • Watermelon – $15
  • Flower – $10
  • Banner – $5

All the pays shown are for the highest bet of $1 per symbol. If you bet $1 on each symbol, your total bet cost is $8.

The slot machine looks like a board game (think of Monopoly) where there are square symbols lined up horizontally and vertically.

This slot game does not spin vertically. What goes on each round is that a highlighted box will rotate around the board and stop on a particular symbol. If it lands on a symbol where you have a bet, you win a prize.

The betting window per symbol is between $0.01 and $1. You can bet on a maximum of eight symbols in a round. However, you can bet as much as 99 times on one symbol alone.

To win, the square that rotates around the board must land exactly on the symbol you wagered on, or a symbol that looks exactly like that. Even if there are two monkey-go symbols on the board, you can only wager on one. But again, on that block you placed a wager on, you can bet more.

The prizes on the slot paytable change as you increase and decrease your bet. You can choose to bet on only one symbol or all of them.


The slot game has no wild or scatter symbols. Instead, all regular symbols have a counterpart that has a multiplier. These multiplier are shown below.

  • Stone tablet – 50x
  • Boy with blonde hair – 2x
  • Monkey-god – 2x
  • Horn – 2x
  • Bananas – 2x
  • Watermelon – 2x
  • Flower – 2x
  • Banner – 2x

To simplify the explanation, let us say that the board has a monkey-god, a flower symbol and a monkey-god 2x. You cannot put a wager on the 2x symbol, so let us say you wagered $1 on the monkey-god. If the square lands on the monkey-god 2x, you will win $1 x 2 = $2, not the actual prize of the monkey-god.

Also, you only win the 2x because you have a bet on the regular monkey-god. You will not win the 2x prize if you have no bet on the regular monkey-god symbol.

You will only win the $30 prize for the monkey-god (for a bet of $1) if the square landed on any monkey-god symbol, and if you have a bet on that symbol.


This slot Flowers and Fruit Mountain by KA Gaming earns 6.7 points out of 10. It is like a roulette / board game fused into a slot, with favorable results on your side possible if you get some luck. There are only 24 symbols on the grid, and if you spend $1 on each of the regular eight symbols, there is a huge chance you will win big so good luck!

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