Dragons Way released on 30th October 2019 is a 5 x 3 reel slot from KA Gaming that offers 243 paylines to win some nice coin. The game’s RTP and variance are not known to us at present, it does offer wilds and scatter symbols that can augment your winnings.

The slot is loosely based on Bruce Lee’s movie, Enter the Dragon. The symbols you will see on the reels here are reminiscent of that movie. However, the slot game is not a branded one, more of a knock off of sorts so the images of the characters are not that great.

The movie Enter the Dragon is one of the most popular martial arts movies of all time. Released in 1973, it was the last movie that Bruce Lee made before his death in the same year.

To this date the reasons for his death are often spoken about. The official reason was he died from “cerebral edema” which is a brain swell, possibly from taking a combination of cannabis and pain medications. But some say he died from heatstroke as Bruce had his sweat glands surgically removed from his armpits.


Since the slot game is based on the movie, the symbols you would spin are similar to what is seen on the big screen, albeit with some alteration to probably prevent legal issues.

The high-symbols are:

  • Bruce Lee
  • John Saxon
  • An old Samurai warrior
  • Nunchucks
  • Kung Fu Shoes

The slot also has a wild and scatter symbol, plus low-value symbols that pay between $25 and $250 at the highest bet of $125. There are more low-value symbols than the high-value ones in the game.


Here is the slot’s paytable at the highest bet per round, which is $125.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line SYMBOLS
Bruce Lee John Saxon Samurai Nunchucks Kung Fu Shoes
5 3,750 1,250 1,250 625 625
4 625 375 375 250 250
3 200 125 125 75 75

The paytable is expressed in currency values. Your bet size will have an impact on the amount of the prizes. The betting window is between $0.25 and $125. With 243 bet ways, each round only costs 25 credits.

To win, you have to land three same symbols in different reels. The reels must be side by side, and the combo must start on the leftmost reel. All other combinations do not generate a prize. The symbols do not have to be horizontally aligned.


The game has a wild and scatter symbol, which helps you recoup your losses or win more money.

  • Wild – the wild is a Chinese letter. It acts as a substitute for any symbol to make a winning combination. It cannot substitute for the scatter symbol. The wild does not have its own payout. It also does not award multipliers if it was used for a win.

The wild only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. The wild on the first and fifth reels may be randomly replaced into a stacked wild after the reel stops. This does not happen all the time, but you may win more money if you do.

  • Scatter – the scatter symbol is the Yin and Yang. You have to land three of this to win eight free games. The scatter symbol, however, only appears on the first three reels. You can re-trigger more free spins if you land three more scatters during the bonus round.

During the free games, you may land stacked wilds on both the first and fifth reels. If this happens, the slot will trigger a re-spin while the stacked wilds are locked. The scatter pays $625 if you landed three of it at the max bet.


We will rate this slot with 5.5 out of 10 points in our review. It is way too boring overall and the wilds and scatters are a little problematic because they only appear on specific reels. The prizes are also not worth it because even if you land three high-value symbols, the pays do not even compensate you back your bet for most spins in our testing.

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