88 Riches is a 5-reel slot from Game Art. With 243 bet ways, the slot has an unknown RTP, unknown variance, and four types of jackpots bonuses. Sitting on three rows, it offers several features that can augment your odds of winning.

The number 8 is a lucky symbol in China because in the Mandarin dialect, it sounds like wealth. In all of Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered as the luckiest number. It is a much-desired number that license plates bearing the combination of 88 is sold for tens of thousands of dollars in some Asian countries.


In this game, you will not be spinning the number 8, but other lucky symbols in Chinese culture. These high-value symbols are:

  • Golden Eagle
  • Gold Nugget
  • Golden Turtle
  • Golden Ship
  • Gold Coin

There are five other symbols in the game; these are 10 to A. The wild in the slot game is the gong, and the scatter symbol is the Chinese character inside a diamond background.


As you can see, all the pays are the same except for the coin. The pay for the other symbols is the same.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line SYMBOL
Eagle Gold Nugget Turtle Ship Coin
5 250 250 250 250 500
4 50 50 50 50 100
3 25 25 25 25 50

Your bet size affects the cost of the prize. The paytable would change as you increase and decrease your bet.

Even if the slot game has 243 pay lines, it charges a fixed amount of 40 credits per spin. You can wager between $0.08 and $40 per spin.

Now, the top symbols are not always active. At one credit, only the gold coin is going to spin on the reels as an active symbol. The rest would still spin but have no function. If you want the others to be active, you need to bet more.

To win, you must land at least three same symbols on adjacent reels. The symbols do not have to touch each other, but they must be on separate reels. The combo you make must start from the first reel.

One tip we suggest is that you must activate all of the top symbols here. In order to manage your back roll, you have to wager the smallest amount, and then activate al the golden symbols. At this rate, you will only be wagering $0.88 per round.


Here are the other main features of this slot machine.

  • Wild – the wild substitutes for all symbols to make a winning combo except the scatter. It has no payout of its own, and it does not pay multiplier values, either.
  • Scatter – the scatter is what triggers the free spins bonus round. You must land three to five scatter symbols to win 10 free games. During the free spins bonus, the symbols 10 to A will not be used. The scatter has no payout.
  • Jackpot symbols – there are four types of jackpot prizes in the game, and all of these are progressive. The jackpot prizes are called mini, minor, major, and grand.

There is no jackpot symbol in the game, which means that the slot machine randomly picks who gets to win any of these jackpot prizes.


The game has wilds and scatters, plus jackpot symbols but the game is not fully transparent with how the jackpot is won. Even if it has jackpot prizes, the top symbols are not active unless you pay more, which is unusual for slot machines to do. We will rate this slot machine with just 5.5 out of 10 points, it’s nothing like other “88” themed pokies like the awesome 88 Fortunes game.

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