7 Heroines is a 5 x 3 reel slot that offers players 243 ways to win. The game’s RTP is 96% and it has a medium variance. The slot machine also has scatter symbols, bonus free spins, and two types of wild symbols.

In Chinese mythology, there are several women known to have fought in battles to protect their state or village. These are ancient women who fought for their land prior to China becoming a single and unified state. These heroines are also known to have come from royal families, so the game depicts them in two ways in this game.


The symbols you would spin in the game are of these female princesses who are also warriors. These seven heroines have two attires—one is the formal attire they wear in the castle, and the other their full warrior suit.


This game has a huge paytable because there are more than 20 symbols here. The slot game will pay you up to a combination of 7 different symbols.

For the purposes of demonstration, here is the paytable for the symbols with the highest win.

Number of Appearance in a Pay Line  SYMBOL
Princess 1 Princess 2 Princess 3 Princess 4 Princess 5 Princess 6 Princess 7
7 2,500 2,000 1,750 1,500 1,250 1,000 750
6 1,250 1,000 750 625 500 375 250
5 750 625 500 250 200 125 100
4 200 125 100 75 60 50 40
3 100 75 40 40 30 25 20

The payout values are in currency values. They would change as you increase and decrease your bet size.

To win, you have to land three same symbols on at least three adjacent reels. Landing three symbols on one reel does not constitute a win. The combo must also start from the left most reel. In this slot game, you can wager between $0.35 and $175 per spin. It does not charge extra to activate the features.


Here are the game features and symbols you need to look forward to.

  • Wild – the wild is a symbol with the number 7. It acts as a substitute for symbols to help you create a winning combo. The wild cannot substitute for the scatter symbol.
  • Double Wild – this is a wild that has two number 7s. It also functions like the ordinary wild, but it has the value of two symbols. If you have three symbols of the same character, and then this wild, the slot game would think you made a 5-symbol combo and not four.

The wild has its own payout as shown below:

  • 7x – $3,000
  • 6x – $2,000
  • 4x – $375
  • 3x – $125
  • Scatter – the scatter symbol is a panther that looks like a dragon. It is a bronze sculpture that awards free spins.

You can only win 7 free games in the game even if you land five of it, the minimum number of scatters you need is three to trigger the bonus round. You cannot re-trigger the bonus spins during the free games.

There are no jackpot rounds in the game; the trick to winning big in this slot is to score the double wild.


We will give this KA Gaming slot machine 6.6 out of 10 points. It has wilds and scatter symbols, but there are so many symbols spinning on the reels. The heroines come in two costumes, but the costume changes do not have added value.

It is like playing a game with only seven high-value symbols, but these symbols are split into two kinds, making it more difficult to land winning combinations in our testing results.

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