Sumi-e by Ganapati is a 4×4 format screen, no pay-lines online slot with a Japanese theme of painting. The symbols don’t roll they sort of peel off the screen like a page in a book being torn off. The game is more like a scratch card than a slot machine in design and it has no colours really other than greys, black and some red to highlight winning symbols.

Sumi-e features generous counts of extra spins plus increasing multipliers. Start your bet with as little as €0.01 up to a max of €0.50 per spin. The RTP is 95.06 % in this game and the variance is medium.

Let’s go to Japan and paint it black with Ganapati’s recent release, Sumi-e. If strange but fun means anything to you by any measure, then you’re not wrong taking a shot at Sumi-e. With gameplay so basic and features far from mind-shattering, what’s left of the buzz about this game, well plenty.

We’ve played a vast collection of slots but never stumbled on the uniqueness of this kind. Fresh and new are the aspects of the game solely achieved through style. It’s fascinating how the theme blends in all the way, with symbols so artistic and soundtracks none but fitting. The game interface is right up to the theme with black and white coating inspired by Japanese art.

Beyond aesthetics, you’re looking at pretty good chances to fatten your bankroll thanks to extra spins and multipliers sweeping all over the game.


  • All the symbols in the Sumi-e online slot are designed to mimic the black and white paintings of ancient Japan. There is a circle symbol painted black and white with characters from the Japanese culture.
  • This is the top valued icon with a max payout of 20 coins for 4 of a kind. Other thematic symbols you’ll find include a bird, koi fish, a mountain, a turtle, and a collection of beautiful Japanese flowers.
  • The flower category is the least attractive, paying in the range of 0.20 to 0.02 coins while the rest of the theme symbols above pay between 2.00 and 0.40 coins.
  • All the icons play the role of scatter. Matching any four symbols of a kind triggers a payout.


  • Except for the bright red symbol known as the Red Enso icon, Sumi-e is mostly colour free.
  • Keep a sharp eye for the arrival of the Red Enso icon since it comes with an extra free game. Further, a multiplier is added with every appearance of this icon.
  • Multiplier values will keep swelling if you land more free games following the base round. These values fall back to one when the free games feature concludes.
  • No more bonus features to mention, but Ganapati has proved to be good at losing us into an exciting and intriguing slot just before the pain from this pinch sinks in. This isn’t to say that the amount of bonus rounds isn’t satisfying overall.


The aesthetics and how the game plays out are the things to check out in addition to everything else. The traditional reel-spinning is stashed in a corner somewhere. What you have now is a click and reveal kind of gameplay with wins hidden behind sheets of paper.

The building anticipation every time a paper flips is an experience you’ll want to relive again and again. You can also hit the auto reveal button and sit back to watch the magic unfold.

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