Piggy Bank Millionaire is a 5×3 online slot with 30 paylines and 14 symbols: 1 Bonus symbol, 1 Wild symbol, 4 high-value symbols, 4 medium-value symbols, and 4 low-value symbols. The primary features of the game include Free Spins and a bonus game. The game has a RTP of 96.50 % and lots of bling like cash, gems, hot girls and private jets adore the game reels.

The game is based on Mr. Piggy, who is tired after a whole week of hard work and he is hoping to win a vacation. The objective of the player is to help Mr. Piggy win the well-deserved vacation he is in need of. The minimum allowable stake is €0.30, and the maximum bet limit is €15.00.


Bonus Symbol

  • 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols will attract a bonus game, the Vacation Challenge.
  • In addition to that, a five-of-a-kind combination of Bonus symbols will attract a payout of 30x the bet amount.
  • The bonus symbol also triggers the Free Spin feature.

Wild Symbol

  • The wild symbol can substitute every other symbol apart from the Bonus symbol.
  • A five-of-a-kind combination of wild symbols attracts a payout of 30x your line stake.

High-value Symbols

  • There are 4 high-value symbols represented by various vacation images.
  • Depending on the symbol you manage to unveil, you can get winnings up to 10x, 6.67x, 5x, or 3.33x.

Medium-value Symbols

  • The four medium symbols attract lower payouts as compared to high-value symbols.
  • A five-of-a-kind combination can win up to 3x the bet amount.

Low-value Symbols

  • The four low-value symbols can only attract winnings of between 0.5x and 1.0x depending on the number of symbols on any of the paylines.

NB – All symbols discussed above, except for Bonus and Wild symbols, can appear as colossal symbols in the base game. Colossal symbols are blocks of 2×2 or 3×3 symbols.


The bonus game, Vacation Challenge Feature, is triggered by the Bonus symbols. If you manage 3 or more Bonus symbols, you will have a chance to try the Vacation challenge.

  • During the challenge, you either gamble your Free Spins or ignore that option and start your Free Spin.
  • By pressing “START FREE SPINS”, you end the Vacation Challenge feature and start your Free Spins.
  • However, if you press the “Gamble” button, you can take your chance on winning more spins.
  • If you lose on all your Free Spins, you cannot progress to the Free Spin feature.
  • The number of spins can increase or decrease depending on your success or fail in the challenges.


The Piggy Bank Millionaire online slot is an interesting game with a flexible betting range. The inclusion of the Vacation Challenge adds a new twist to the game, which makes it even more exciting.

The Free Spin feature also increases your chance of winning big. With the return to player of 96.50%, players have a decent chance of receiving great winnings.

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