Neo Tokyo is a unique 4x3x4x3x4 honeycombed reel format slot game with a possible massive 12,348 winning combinations. It contains 13 symbols- 3 scatters, wild, 2 high-paying symbols, 2 medium-paying symbols, and 2 low-paying symbols. You can start your bet with as little as $0.25 up to $12.50 per spin and with a return to player rate of 96.09% with a high variance level.


The storyline is set in the magical city of Roppongi, where the sky-touching skyscrapers rise higher than the popular Skytree. The sky tree peeps on the screen, with the other side the Ganapati headquarters is seen. The neon signage glows at the headquarters for all to see. By playing the game, you will experience an immersive and captivating adventure.

The game allows you to try the demo version on our site. Therefore, you can try the demo until you are sure of your betting skills to start gambling with real money.

The cyberpunk-theme introduces you to numerous characters who are involved in an epic love and life story all set in Japanese theme.

It is a love story Jin, a policeman, and Hana, a girl. Their love is at stake from Deadspin, a monster who wants to take Jin’s life. Quite a dark theme in this slot but this is the sort of game you expect from Ganapati at times.

The futuristic game brings the love story to a whole new level with its fantastic Sci-Fi animations. Its series of high quality videos also makes it a favourite game for any punter. The videos, set at different stages of the saga, tell us the various parts of the story in a fun and exciting way.

Neo Tokyo Slot game is an exciting and visually-rich game with a ton of appealing features and gameplay. The game screen comes with an immersive rain droplets on a glass window background that is really cool to say the least.


The game has no pay lines, but rather, you are paid when symbols match anywhere on the reels from left to right. This provides 576 ways to win at the base of the game alone.

Payouts are made when there are 3 or more matching icons on adjacent reels. The same rules apply for demo and real money players.


  • Wild can replace all paying symbols but can’t do anything for Scatters hereby represented as the game’s bad guy figures. You will need them to score 1 out of 3 Neo Tokyo bonus features. described below.
  • Random Wilds feature- Begins when the policeman Jin lands on the reel 1 and bring 3 Wilds randomly on the reels.
  • Flower Blossom feature- When Hana lands on the middle reels this starts the Flower Blossom bonus making all symbols rotate clockwise 6 times to form a flower-shaped scheme of visuals.
  • Deadspin feature- Sees the game’s bad guy cancelling all payouts, so the last thing you’d want to see is him on the reels.


Neo Tokyo is a slot that features numerous bonus features all tailored to boost your winnings. Neo Tokyo Slot game is an exciting and visually-rich game with a ton of appealing features and gameplay. We rate this Japanese themed slot a solid 8.2 points score from 10 in our review.

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