Qiwi Festival


Qiwi Festival by GamePlay has a 5 x 3 reels format, 9 betways (bothways), an unknown % RTP and a not published variance level.


The backdrop of this slot game depicts a mountainous range acting as the background graphics. The reel section is entirely covered by a dark brown colour. The two lovebirds that is, Niulang and Zhinu graciously oversee the action taking place on the reels as they stand on the extreme ends of the reel grid.


The game symbols encountered when playing Qixi Festival include a female character clad in blue, a female character clad in pink, a young girl clad in green, a female character clad in red, a white plate, a bronze animal enclosure, a bull, two scrolls, lotus flowers and a green and gold artifact with a ‘W’ inscription at the centre.




5 4 3 2
A female character clad in blue 3000 500 100 10
A female character clad in pink 2500 250 50 5
A young girl clad in green and a female character clad in red  – Of a Kind 1000 100 20 3
A white plate 500 30 10
A bronze animal enclosure 300 25 5
A bull and scrolls – Of a Kind 200 20 5
Lotus flowers and a green and gold artifact with a ‘W’ inscription at the centre 100 15 3


  • Wild: An icon showing two doves act as the slot’s substituting symbol. The substituting icon substitutes for all symbols when it wants to help in completing a winning combination including the scatter. Whenever the wild is part of a winning combination, the payout for that particular winning combination is doubled!
  • Scatter: The icon showing Niulang and Zhinu holding hands acts as the scatter symbol.


Love is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. On the global stage however, there is of course, Valentine’s Day, one of the most important day in a Gregorian calendar year set aside on the 14th of February each year to celebrate love.

While Valentine’s Day is certainly a global love day, in the East, there is also another day set aside to celebrate love. This day is known as the day of the Qixi Festival and it’s celebrated annually on the 7th day of the 7th lunisolar month on the Chinese calendar.

The origins of the Qixi Festival are based on the tale of the cowherd (Niulang) and the weaver girl (Zhinu). To see how the Eastern folks celebrate the Qixi Festival, all that players need to do is to hit the Spin button of the Gameplay Interactive powered Qixi Festival game. The game comes with five reels and 9 paylines.

Gameplay Interactive decided to keep things simple when designing this game with no bonus features as all of the game’s action takes place in the base game.

While the absence of bonus features may bother some, in reality, its actually a noble decision as it means the game can be enjoyed by everyone including the beginner players with little to zero gaming experience! Considering the simplicity of this Qixi Festival receives a 7.4 point rating out of 10 points in our guide.

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