Nuwa and the Five Elements


Nuwa and the Five Elements by GamePlay was released on 11th, May, 2019. It has a 5 x 3 reels format, 30 betways, a 96.71 % RTP and a not published variance level.


The backdrop of this slot game depicts a burning forest acting as the background graphics. The reel section is entirely covered by a light blue colour. The mother goddess of Chinese mythology, Nuwa oversees all the action on the reels as she sits pretty just on top of the reel set.


Nuwa and the Five Elements symbols include a green Chinese inscriptions portrait, a red Chinese inscriptions portrait, a bronze Chinese inscriptions portrait, a golden Chinese inscriptions portrait, a blue Chinese inscriptions portrait, a green leaf, yellow flames, brown rocks, gold bar and a blue flame.




5 4 3 2
The WILD icon 1000 300 100
A green Chinese inscriptions portrait 800 250 50
A red Chinese inscriptions portrait 600 200 30
A bronze Chinese inscriptions portrait 500 150 25
A golden Chinese inscriptions portrait 250 100 20
A blue Chinese inscriptions portrait 200 80 20
A green leaf 125 50 10
Yellow flames 100 40 10
Brown rocks 80 30 10
Gold bar 50 25 5
Blue flames 40 20 5


  • Wild: An icon inscribed WILD acts as the substituting icon. The wild appears on all reels but when it appears on reel 3, it appears as a stacked wild.
  • Scatter: A beautiful Asian lady icon acts as the scatter symbol.
  • Matching Elements Cascade: When high elements (portraits) symbols form a winning combination, the symbols will be removed along with matching high and low elements. When low elements (non-portrait icons) symbols form winning combinations, the symbols will be removed and the cascade feature triggers. New symbols will replace the vacated reel positions and new win lines are evaluated thereafter. This making it possible for the player to get consecutive winning combinations one after the other.
  • Blocker and Bomb: A blocker icon may appear on the reels at random. The blocker symbol does not form any winning combination. Blocker symbols can be removed on the reels when the bomb icon pops up. The bomb can only be activated after a winning spin or cascade except scatter win.
  • Nuwa Bonus: Three scatter symbols landing on reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously help the player trigger the Nuwa Bonus. When triggered, there are three types of Nuwa bonuses that can activate – the bonuses are randomly assigned. The types of Nuwa Bonus are as follows:
  • Charm of Nuwa – Free Spins: 5 free spins awarded with all payouts for win lines being doubled. Free spins can be retriggered.
  • The Five Elements – Bonus Game: Player wins up to 15x the total bet. The multiplier won is determined by the value of three identical tiles picked by the player that reveal the same value.
  • Nuwa Cash Reward: Player wins an instant cash prize of up to 160x the total bet.


How did humanity come about? If one goes the biblical route, they will learn about the first man to be created by God that is Adam. As Adam and the first woman procreated, humanity began to grow.

When one goes the historical route, they get to learn about Charles Darwin’s evolution of mankind which saw apes transform into humans over a period of time. Well, there is another version when it comes to the evolution of mankind and this version is based upon Nuwa, the mother goddess of Chinese mythology.

According to Chinese mythology, Nuwa created humanity due to her loneliness which grew intense over time. By molding different earth colours also known as elements, Nuwa was able to create five classes of people led by the yellow clay people created by Nuwa’s own hands.

The tale of Nuwa’s creation of humanity is certainly a fascinating one. The tale is brilliantly espoused in Gameplay Interactive’s five reel and 77 payline game.

When it comes to offering several highly exciting and lucrative bonus rounds, Nuwa and the Five Elements certainly does not disappoint. The theoretical return to player percentage of this game stands at 96.50%. Out of a 10 point rating, the game receives a 6.4 point rating in our review.

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