Players who are love Asian themed wildlife slots should try out Fortune Panda, it consists of pay lines of 50 that are fixed, reels of 5 and rows of 4. The RTP is 96% and it’s a medium variance slot overall.

The creator of this game is GameArt, and it contains the fantasies of jungle life all captured in one exciting slot.


The people of China love Panda, and they care a lot about these cute animals. Pandas are thought to be lucky for the Chinese because of which the panda is considered as a primary symbol in China. This free slot casino game is based on the Chinese theme and in this game, the pandas are overalls, and they are the ones who can help one to win.


The cards, which are classic and range from Ace to 9 are present in the 1st category. The cards paying low money are located at last, and they have many winning combinations in themselves. Frog or Fish or Coin, etc. are some of the essential combinations, which if found are best to win vast sums of money.


  • Coin: Try your luck with this high paymaster and win 10000, 1000 or 500 credits.
  • Frog and Crane: Try your luck with these two symbols to earn 1000, 750 or 250 coins with paylines 5, 4, and three as a target.
  • Lotus and Fish: Both will yield to same luck and get 1000, 750, or 200 reward points.
  • Cards A and K: Offers you 750, 500, or 150 coins each.
  • Q and J: Combines to give you same benefit and get 500, 250, or 100 credits.
  • 10 and 9: The usual low paymaster offering 300, 200, and 100 points each for 5, 4, or 3 spins.


  • Wild: Wild symbol in the game is the Panda. But, if one plans on winning a jackpot, then they can combine a wild card with other random cards and form combinations.
  • Scatter: The scatter symbol here is Yin Yang and this consist of cash prize for the players irrespective of the fact whether they have won or not. The bonus rounds in the game can be reached on various reels, and one has to be careful enough to get the reels which have a bonus round to it.
  • Free Spin Features: The Yin Yang helps to replace all the other cards, and in this way, players can achieve free spins in the game. Reels of 1, 2 and 3 are mainly set only for the symbol of scattering, and it comes up to 10 free spins. Once when a panda appears on the screen, then it becomes a bonus round, and in this way, the pandas help the players a lot. When bonus round gets over, it can be restarted with the help of scatter symbol. The game also has many menus one of which is the gambling menu.
  • If the players wish to earn more, then he has to click on that menu and can win the highest number of coins in a single game. The correct card should be guessed, and the winning depends on the number of cards chosen.


When it comes to features, this game has many unique features, which keep players engaged in the game. No true casino slot lover should miss this game as it’s awesome.

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