The Dragons Luck pokies game has a fairly typical Chinese theme like found in many other Red Tiger games. Like many other Oriental-themed games, Dragons Luck has cool background music and the interface is overwhelmingly fitting the theme quite nicely.

Red Tiger Gaming’s Dragons Luck is a fun slot machine, which features Chinese mythologies and culture, that involves the presence of dragons and the likes of.

Dragons Luck has a RTP of 96.29 %, a reel format of 5 x 3, 10 ways to win and a high variance level.


The reel characters of the game are mostly the characters found and observed with what is called as Chinese mythology. The characters are absolutely apt to what can be seen in Chinese themed games.


  • Lucky Number 138: This is considered as a Chinese lucky number and thus happens to be the highest payout symbol of the game. The symbol appears in the main reel games and has an impressive payout scheme of 1380 coins for appearing 5 times. For the symbol appearing 4 times, the payout is 300 coins and for the symbol appearing 3 times, the payout is 200 coins.
  • Chinese Kid: This symbol occupies the 2nd position among the other reel symbols in the slot and has an impressive payout. The symbol pays off 400 coins for occupying the reels 5 times in a single round. For the appearance of the symbol for 4 times, the payout is 200 coins and finally, for occupying the reels for 3 times, the payout is 50 coins.
  • Fish: The fish symbol occupies the 3rd position among the symbols and pays off 300 coins for occupying 5 slots in the reel. For the symbol occupying 4 and 3 times in the reels, the payouts are 150 and 50 coins respectively.
  • Lotus: The lotus symbol is the last of the lot and does work out in paying away 250 coins for appearing 5 times in the reels. For the symbol, appearing 4 and 3 times, the payouts are 100 and 40 coins respectively.
  • Low Payout Symbols: The low payout symbol of the game extends from 10 to Ace, where 10 is the least payout symbol and does pay away 100 coins for appearing 5 times in the reel. Ace gives 200 coins for appearing the same number of times across the reels.


  • Mega Coin: The Mega Coin is represented by the face of a dragon in a golden emblem embedded. This symbol assures guaranteed wins for every single appearance.
  • Dragon Coin: The Dragon Coin appears in the reels to give away an extra spin, which will thus reveal a secret symbol to the players and all the related payouts accordingly.
  • 138: The symbol assures to pay 1380 times the total winning stake, which is staked at the beginning of the rounds.
  • Dragons: Finally, drum roll please……the dragon symbol appears on the reels and this symbol breathes out fire and increases your wins nicely.


Dragons Luck is a great pokies game, one more popular game by Red Tiger showcasing the Oriental culture. We rate this game a 8.7 points from 10 in our review.

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