Golden Flower of Life is a 5 x 3 reel format game with 20 betways. The slot has RTP of 95.8% and it’s a low to medium variance game.

The Golden Flower of Life Casino Technology game doesn’t need any downloads to play on our site.

The Lotus symbolises purity and is amazingly beautiful. Casino Technology have launched an extraordinary game, and the root of it is the mythological aspects related to this floret. This consists of 5 delightful icons that unveil the story of the flowers.

Lotus being a popular floral in the tradition is considered as auspicious by the people in Asia used in many occasions of celebration.


Asia is an attractive and welcoming region on the globe, which keeps on expanding due to its plentiful civilization and lifestyle that carries a pure essence and magnificence. It possesses Asian environment in the game, which makes it perfect for lovers in this genre.


The fantastic online poker game that has several icons helps you to raise capital and gives victory. The ideograms of Beautiful girls, reckless men, a mound of bullion and majestic Lotus florets.


The champion on the line of pay will always have a fusion of more than three symbols, irrespective of the icons worth.

  • Samurai: The king offers a maximum number of coins, and it is 2000 for five spins. You can get 100 or 30 from him for spinning reels four and three times.
  • Samurai’s Wife: King’s wife is no lesser and offers 400, 100, and 30 coins for a 5, 4, and three spins.
  • Golden Coins: You can draw 300 coins from the gold coins for a 5, a 100 or 20 for spinning the reel 4 times or 3 times.
  • Coloured Poker Cards: Cards always earn money for you in the casino and this time K, Q, and Ace all three stands same value of offering 200, 100, and 20 credits for 5, 4, and 2 spins. Whereas Jack gives 100 for 5, 50 for 4 and 10 for 3 turns.


  • Wild: The lotus floret of gold colour is a trump card in the game. This wildcard will always come into sight on the 2, 3, 4 and five staggers. The trump will get exchanged for the usual signs and procured prices whose roots are the peer signs.
  • Scatter: The speckled Buddha sculpture being a cardinal icon gets you the bonanza. To win the $450,000.00 reward prize, you need to achieve five such Buddha icons orderly on the reel.
  • Auto start and Gamble Feature: You may get an option of multiple spins serially if you wish with the help of auto initiate key. Use the key to a game without any interruption; you may also get to test your fortune because of the betting attribute and have a set of constant gyration. The small play of estimation would give you a prize per right response, giving you a chance of victory twice because of assuming right the shade of the secret card and it may also multiple it into four for getting them on the game reels.


Have a game of Golden Flower of Life, Play it to experience the enchantment yourself. It’s a good but not great slot game with a score of 6.3 from 10 points.

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