asian slots being played now


SPLIT DRAGON QUICK START GUIDE Many online slot machines allow players to partake in the extraordinary. One such game is Split Dragon, a High 5 Games powered slot that allows players to think of a dragon that’s split into two equal halves. Can you think what the split dragon would look like? To see... more here
FU ER DAI QUICK START GUIDE Fu’er dai 富二代 means the rich second generation, a moniker that describes the kids born to wealthy Chinese. These kids comprise those born after the 1980s period and ones that have lots of mummy and daddy pocket money. Fu Er Dai online slot machine powered by Play n’... more here
GOD OF FORTUNE FREE SLOT GUIDE  Once the Cai Shen bestows good fortune and luck vibes, lady luck will see to it that great financial returns come! Well, for all those looking to associate with the god of fortune and have good fortune bestowed upon them, Just set in motion the three reels that... more here



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