asian slots being played now


HIDDEN VALLEY QUICK START GUIDE Hidden Valley is a Quickspin powered online slot machine that is themed on ancient Chinese mythology. While in this beautiful country, players will visit the hidden valley that has been the source of many legends and myths in Chinese history including the Shangri-La legend. To start one’s adventure, players... more here
MING WARRIOR QUICK START GUIDE Powered by Ainsworth, Ming Warrior is an oriental-themed online slot machine that introduces players to the great old Asian warriors. The game introduces the warriors as well as the weapons that they used back in the day. To get an insight into how these great warriors used their skill,... more here
DRAGON WAYS MULTIPLIER QUICK START GUIDE The oriental theme is one of the most popular slot vibes around and many players are absolutely in love with the genre. One of the reasons behind this phenomenon is that the oriental theme brilliantly depicts the classic Asian lifestyle from animal symbolisms to unique Asian celebrations. Dragon... more here



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